I write music under the name Sonale.
All my releases are listed on www.sonale.alexh.org.


Here are a bunch of mashups I made circa 2005

Champion Floss

Not Steppa


Moon Frog

Freaks Come Through The Grapevine

Green Lines

Cry When The Music's Over

Elephants on Parade (when the bolero goes down)

Dub Be Good To Ramble

Mupp It Out

Bacardi Through the Grapevine

Rhino Looking In

Imperial Bombaclaat

Killa Vanilla

Purple Banjo

Sweet Child of Madness

I Want To Do It

Higher State of Mambo

Minnie the Mod

Mahna Mahna in Memphis

Call Of Billie Jean

Orion Is For Real

Get Eleanor

Busta Shining Path

Push It Into My Black Hole

California Throat